Who we are

Newstamp integrates the PJF group in 2001, complementing it with the production of metal components, providing our customers integrated solutions, from the development of tooling to mass production. 
Since 2006 we have accumulated experience in aesthetic components mainly in stainless steel and aluminium, first for the food service industry and since 2010 for the automotive industry, today we are experts in components of high visual criteria for high-end products.
In the year 2017 we inaugurated our new production unit with new pavilion, more means and technological resources to face the growth of the company.
In 2018 we created a new business area aimed at producing Carbon Fiber Composite Components for the most demanding applications and markets. We want to diversify, not only working with metal and we believe that the composites are the materials of tomorrow.
We have a metrology laboratory that ensures compliance with the requirements of our clients.


To ensure sheet metal and carbon fiber components and sub-assemblies to the world's leading technology industries.

Management Policies

-  Innovation and the ability to understand and respond to customer expectations are key factors for the loyalty and consolidation of our competitive differentiation;
-  Strong promotion of competencies, products and our capabilities in the national and international markets as well as in multiple sectors of activity will contribute to diversify the panel of clients and grow in business volume;
-  Internal communication for alignment of all teams is essential to respond to everyday challenges. External communication to leverage the company's notoriety and expose our way of conducting business and life;
-  Subcontracting partnerships, capable of complementing the installed capacity and industrial flexibility, should be stimulated and institutionalized, as they contribute to improve the responses to Clients needs, and to optimize the cost structure of the industrial system;
-  Compliance with the health and safety conditions at work and the application of good safety practices are mandatory for all employees;
-  The systematic development of technical and professional skills of all Employees through training, involvement and accountability processes will contribute to the improvement of the social climate and the organization's capacity to innovate and to progress continuously.

Corporate Responsibility

Newstamp recognizes corporate social responsibility as a fundamental dimension of management, throughout its value chain and in its relationship with stakeholders, in the different contexts and geographies in which it operates. Our commitment is based on the following principles:
  • - We respect the Rule of Law and The Legal State and we act in accordance with national and international laws, rules, regulations and good practices.
  • - We promote people's ethical and justice behaviour based on honesty, transparency and integrity;
  • - We act in order to promote our values, culture and sustainable management;
  • - We establish total transparency in business relations in order to eliminate corruption in all its forms;
  • - We respect and promote human rights and opportunities, non-discrimination and freedom of choice;
  • - We promote the professional training and qualification of our employees in order to acquire skills and knowledge;
  • - We implement policies to ensure the safety and health of the entire organization
  • - We encourage and contribute to waste management in accordance with best practices in order to preserve and respect the environment.