Who we are

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Newstamp incorporate PJF group in 2001, complementing it with the stamping area of metal components, providing to our customers complete solutions, from conception of the tool up to production.
We have a metrology laboratory that ensures our clients requirements.


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Industrialize and produce metallic components and subassemblies by stamping, for national and international markets, with high levels of competitiveness and logistical flexibility.


» An intense promotion of the products and resources of the company in national and international markets, will increase the customers and the business volume;
» A deeper systematic understanding of ISO 9001 management approach standards is the most effective way to provide excellent levels of internal performance and customer satisfaction.
» Maximize the industrial capacity, in order to improve the profitability of the business;
» Develop systematic technical and professional skills of all employees through engaging and responsible training experiences will allow a sociable atmosphere and the capacity to continually improve and innovate.
» Improve internal and external communication skills, comply with health and safety at work regulations and the application of good environmental management procedures in order to strengthen the company’s sense of social responsibility.

This policy focuses on the following principles of action:
» Intensify relationship with markets ans customers,
» Promote customer satisfaction
» Optimize quality and productivity through continuous improvement
» Challenge, motivate and involve employees
» Reduce operating costs through committed cooperation from all employees
» Promote responsible behaviors in environmental and social areas
» Fully comply with legal and normative requirements